my-vpa Virtual Teams are the missing piece of the puzzle of your HR strategy

Find out below how you can use my-vpa Virtual Teams as a building block alongside permanent and freelance employees. More flexible and powerful than any agency.
Recruiting Management
We take care for you that the team consists of qualified members. From our certified VPA pool, we will put together a team that meets your project needs.
Team Management
We organize the complete remote team for you: from task assignment, vacation and sick leave transfer to shift planning.
Motivation Management
A powerful team only works with motivated members. my-vpa is the largest German-speaking VPA community and offers its employees a highly attractive working environment. You will feel this in the cooperation with our teams.
Platform Management
Processes can be controlled transparently via our Managed Workforce Platform. You delegate tasks to the teams using a guided process so that the framework parameters are defined. In the background, the platform’s algorithms ensure that the tasks are completed on time and within budget.
KPI Management
We support you in measuring your project progress and success. Using transparent KPIs, you have an overview of the current performance of your team at all times – and in real time.
Coaching and further development
Our VPAs undergo a continuous training program and get better with each passing day. In the process, we also take care of familiarizing the team with your specific tasks.
Cost management
With our virtual team service, you only incur costs for tasks that you actually call up. With our cost center management, you can transparently provide your teams with budgets and manage them via our app.
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These are your benefits
1. pay-per-use: you only pay for what you use,
what you use.
2. optimization of your personnel structure
3. full control over your remote team
4. multilingual team (on request and after appropriate recruitment)
5. handover and substitution planning
6. intelligent deployment planning
7. agile team that adapts to the required skills after training
What we do differently
my-vpa is the largest German-speaking VPA community, because we place the highest value on work culture and freedom. Our common team spirit enables us to go the extra mile for our customers: You are not just a “job” for us, but we identify with you. Starting with an intensive briefing and continuous feedback until delivery, we manage your teams with experience from more than 10 years of remote work. Professionally and with pleasure at work.

Typical structure of a Managed Virtual Team

A virtual team is permanently assigned to you and completely managed by us. Communication takes place via a permanently assigned Project Assistant (PA) as Single Point of Contact (SPC).

Procedure model when using a managed virtual team

The deployment of a Virtual Team follows a defined and standardized process. This process supports you in achieving the best results with your team.

In a telephone consultation, we evaluate together with you the possibilities of using a virtual team in your company. In doing so, we analyze the feasibility and the approximate effort that the team will generate for you, as well as the optimal composition of the team based on defined skills.

Based on the consultation, we will provide you with a personal, individual offer. The offer basically includes the following 4 components:

  1. Setup Fee
    The setup fee covers all costs necessary to set up the team. Included in the setup fee are e.g. the costs for the initial selection of the team members.
  2. Management Fee
    The Management Fee covers the costs for the ongoing management of your entire team. This includes e.g. the expenses for organizing the employees in case of illness or vacation or for adjusting the size of the team.
  3. A Project Assistance (PA) Fee
    The PA fee includes all expenses for the organization of the technical implementation and management of the team.
  4. The defined hourly package price
    The hourly package price depends on the size and number of the virtual team. You can find examples of package prices on our prices page.

If you accept the offer, the process moves to the next step, the recruiting of your personal virtual team.

During the recruiting phase, the team is assembled with the skills that were analyzed and agreed upon in the first consulting call with you. During the cooperation with you, the team can also be adapted in its scull composition, should new requirements make it necessary. Please discuss this with your project assistant in good time.

The project assistance (PA) takes care of the technical training of your virtual team and multiplies the procedure processes defined together with you into the virtual team. In addition, the project assistant is your single point of contact (SOC) during the entire collaboration. This is also where the monitoring of the KPIs takes place, which you define with your team at the beginning of the collaboration to monitor success. Once the PA is trained on your processes, the process continues with the next step.

The PA is, as already mentioned, your single point of contact. Thus, you only need to delegate your processes 1x to one of our employees. In this step, the training of the entire Virtual Team by their PA takes place, so that the tasks you delegate to the Virtual Team can be scaled optimally in quality and reliability.

The continuous team control will be done by your PA. You will communicate with him via the my-vpa cloud management platform, where you can also access project-relevant statistics such as hourly consumption or progress in the tasks. A feedback call with our ops managers will also take place at regular intervals to ensure the quality of the collaboration at all levels.

Billing model of a Managed Virtual Team

Managed Virtual Teams are billed in 3 components: 1. one-time setup fee, 2. monthly management fee, 3. the actual hourly fee used.
What is a virtual team?
Behind the Virtual Teams of my-vpa are “real” people, which we call Virtual Personal Assistants (VPA). Using our my-vpa cloud management platform, you can collaborate with these Virtual Assistants on a topic or team basis. These Virtual Teams are completely managed by us, so that you can only focus on the results of your tasks.
The my-vpa quality promise

  • German-speaking, professionally trained assistants
  • No fixed costs, available on demand and scalable
  • One personal contact
  • 100% managed team

Case Studies

Virtual project support is individual in every company. Here we present 6 examples of how our virtual teams are used.
Bechtle AG
Inbox Management
24/7 Inbox Monitoring
RealTime Routing
Direkte Beantwortung von Standardfällen nach Leitfaden

Zur Case study

motionet AG
HR / Controlling
Bewerbungs Screening
Qualitätssicherung von Ausschreibungen

Zur Case study

Okanda AG
Location Mgmt.
Location Scouting
Yield Mgmt.

Zur Case study

VAN Verlag GmbH
Abo Management

Zur Case study

Sanicura GmbH
Online Shop Mgmt.

Zur Case study

Dr. Berger

Zur Case study

More references

If you have any questions about the following customer examples, please contact us using the button at the top right.

– World’s largest service company for airlines and airports. The company provides ground handling services to more than 265 million passengers and handles more than 4.7 million tons of cargo per year
– Support top executives with up to 4 EVPAs in combination with a VPA.
– Activities EVPA: appointment coordination, presentation preparation, correspondences, taking care of email inboxes, travel organization & preparatory FiBu
– Activities VPA: Research

– One of the leading publishers in Germany

– Collaboration since 2016

– 6 VPAs, one PA control

– Mode of operation: 365 days, 24 hrs/7 days week. Shift model with monthly planning.

– Activity: moderation activities of relevant commentary pages.

– One of the leading publishing houses in Germany

– 4 VPAs, one PA control

– Mode of operation: 5 day week. Shift model with monthly planning

– Activity: Data entry for online news

– European market leader in personalized paper goods

– cooperation for 4 years

– seasonal project, with up to 120 assistants

– Working method: 24 hrs/7 days a week shift model with monthly planning

– Activity: customer support email and phone as well as quality inspection

– One of the oldest universities in Europe

– Project-like collaboration throughout the year since 2020

– Team of up to 6 VPAs

– Activity: Digitization of old books that have been read out by OCR software and need to be corrected afterwards

– One of the leading economic research institutes.

– Support of top executives and professors through EVPAs

– Collaboration for over 3 years

– Activities: Event organization, such as organizing board presentations, meetings and press events. Preparation of data analyses. Preparation of important presentations for events. Maintenance of the website. Formulation of texts.

Our VPAs are selected by our HR specialists through a multi-stage selection process and intensively prepared for their job. After you have registered with us and booked an hourly package, you will receive a VPA from us that is tailored to your needs and controlled by one of our VPA managers. Your VPA is immediately available to you via the app, which means you only pay when you delegate something and don’t have to worry about how busy your VPA is.

In addition, we assign you a permanent account manager with whom you can chat if you have any questions or problems. Your account manager, together with the VPA Manager, will monitor the performance of your VPA, i.e. compliance with budgets, deadlines and quality of work.

Your account manager and the responsible VPA manager continuously check and optimize the work quality of your VPA. The focus here is on meeting deadlines, budget targets and ensuring high quality of work. If you have any questions about the quality of work, you can chat with your account manager at any time.

In regular meetings, the responsible VPA manager coaches your VPA individually, ensuring high performance for you. In addition, we identify areas of expertise in one-on-one meetings, in which your VPA can subsequently undergo further training in the my-vpa Academy. Continuous performance monitoring and further training are thus ensured.

We will take care of a quick and competent replacement in case of vacation, absence or illness of your VPA. Of course, like all employees, our VPAs are not protected from absences and absenteeism. That’s why we prepare these cases in advance, especially for continuous tasks, so that work can continue seamlessly. Your account manager will be happy to work with you to develop your individual backup plan, such as backup VPAs or work instructions.

In addition, we offer you our expert service for tasks that require special expertise. For this purpose, we search our community for assistants with suitable specialist knowledge or suitable experts. You can then decide who should perform the task.

If you have larger tasks or would like to delegate entire projects or processes to us, we will be happy to provide you with additional assistants at any time. Our service includes that in this case you have a fixed contact person for your virtual team, who organizes and ensures the processing of your tasks in the team for you. This way, communication is very efficient for you and you do not have to worry about team organization and management.

You can use this service for a limited time as a Virtual Project Team or for an unlimited time, for outsourcing processes, as a Virtual Office Team. Some of our projects thus include more than 70 assistants.

Our application allows you to quickly delegate tasks across all devices. Whether as a voice message, photo, video or text. You also have full control over your tasks. We from the management team also ensure compliance with budgets, deadlines and work quality via controls.

Furthermore, our app allows you to communicate with your VPA in a secure environment and exchange data via an integrated file sharing system. We thus offer you the optimal app to efficiently collaborate with one or more assistants. With the multi-user function, you can also invite your colleagues to your account and merge with your virtual team.

Many of our customers are working with a Virtual Assistant or Team for the first time. Your account manager is therefore available via chat to give you advice and support on how you can optimally improve your productivity with our service.

In addition, we as a management team solve problem cases for you. Since our community is made up of many people, common problems such as outages or work errors happen to us as well. Therefore, we do not promise you that these problems will not occur with us, but that we as a management team will take care of a quick solution for you. This gives you the advantage that you can rely on a competent team in case of problems.

Our 'Managed VPA Service' has six advantages for you

We take over the entire task, project and personnel management for our customers. We call this 'Managed VPA Service'. This 'Virtual Workforce Management' makes delegation extremely efficient for you, because you outsource not only the task, but also the management work.

Your Virtual Team can support you in six additional areas of responsibility, if needed

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