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We are the new generation of office assistants, a high-performance virtual team, and one of the largest VPA communities. We take on office tasks regardless of time, place and volume.
What makes us unique
We don’t just assign you a VPA. We take care of managing the task, project and personnel for you. Our Managed VPA Service will increase your productivity thanks to the high standard of work, reliability, efficiency, flexibility and scalability. 


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About my-vpa

We have been pioneers in the world of VPA providers since 2010 and are now market leaders for high-quality Virtual Personal Assistance. Our head office is based in Cologne. Our VPA community is spread across the globe, with most of our VPAs being located in Germany and Southern Europe. We, the management team, are a mix of account managers and HR, marketing and IT professionals.

Our VPA community has now become the largest VPA team in the German-speaking region. In order to handle a wide range of office tasks for our clients, we work with individual Virtual Assistants or Virtual Teams in the form of around-the-clock Virtual Office Teams or time-limited Virtual Project Teams. Our community also includes a large number of hand-picked experts who are called in by Virtual Assistants or into Virtual Teams for specialist tasks.

Today, we take care of several sole traders, startups and medium and large companies. Our clients delegate tasks in over 40 fields of competence – and counting. Thanks to their flexibility in terms of time and location, VPAs give our community a positive, international spirit. We combine this with high quality standards. The result is high-quality output, reliability, and a friendly service.

In order to meet these high standards, we’ve built up a robust quality system over the years. We don’t just assign you a VPA. We also take care of managing tasks, projects and personnel. This means that all of our clients are assigned a dedicated VPA chosen by us that suits their individual needs. So, your assigned assistant will get to know your way of working and the type of tasks you delegate. Your VPA is also highly trained and speaks your language. We, the management team, ensure that budgets, deadlines and quality standards are adhered to. All this makes for effective work together. For larger or expert tasks, we will assign you additional assistants on demand and manage the virtual team for you. Using this Managed VPA Service, you can efficiently delegate tasks, while lightening your workload and increasing your productivity.

Another advantage is that our service is 100% flexible, which means that you only pay when you assign a task. Your VPA is available via the app. This makes delegating tasks a breeze. You don’t have to worry about your VPA’s workload.

The advantages of our Managed VPA Service

Our VPA hourly rates include all task and employee management

Our VPAs are selected by our HR specialists through a multi-stage selection process and are intensively prepared for the work they take on. After you’ve registered with us, we will assign you a VPA who suits your requirements and is overseen by one of our VPA managers. Your VPA will be immediately at your disposal via the app. So, you only pay when have a task to delegate and you don’t have to worry about your VPA’s workload.

We also assign you a dedicated client advisor, who will be happy to answer your questions and discuss any issues you may have. Your client advisor will work together with the VPA manager to oversee the your VPA with regard to keeping to your budgets, deadlines and quality standards.

Your client advisor and the responsible VPA manager will continuously check and optimise the quality of your VPA’s work. They mainly focus on ensuring adherence to deadlines, budget requirements and quality standards. If you have any questions about the quality of the work, you can chat with your client advisor at any time.

The VPA manager trains your VPA on an individual basis in regular meetings to ensure that they produce high-quality work for you. In addition, we hold one-to-one discussions with you to identify subject areas in which your VPA can improve their skills in the my-vpa Academy. This allows us to check our VPAs’ performance and development over time.

We won’t delay in finding a suitable replacement if your VPA goes on holiday, falls ill or is absent. Like all employees, our VPAs do obviously take holidays and are not immune to falling sick. That’s why we prepare for these eventualities ahead of time, especially for ongoing tasks. This allows us to continue working on your tasks as if nothing happened. Your client advisor will be happy to discuss your individual backup plan with you, e.g., backup VPAs or work instructions.
We also offer our expert service for tasks that require particular specialist knowledge. If you require such services, we will look within our own community for assistants with this knowledge or suitable experts. Then it’s up to you who you decide to delegate the task to.

If you’re looking to delegate larger jobs or entire projects or processes to us, we will be happy to provide you with additional assistants at any time. In this instance, our service provides you with a fixed contact person for your virtual team, who will organise how your tasks will be carried out in the team. This makes communication very efficient, and you don’t need to worry about organising or managing a team. You can use this service for a specific period of time to delegate a project to a virtual team or for an unlimited period of time to outsource processes to a virtual office team. Some of our projects involve more than 70 assistants.

Our application allows you to quickly delegate tasks across all devices. You can use voice messages, photos, videos and text. You also have complete control over your tasks. We in the management team also check to make sure that your budgets, deadlines and quality standards are being met.
You can also use our app to communicate with your VPA in a secure environment and exchange data via an integrated file sharing system. This app is the perfect app for working efficiently with one or several assistants. You can also invite your colleagues to your account and have them join forces with your virtual team using the multi-user function.

Many of our clients are working with a virtual assistant or team for the first time. Your client advisor is available via chat to advise and support you on how to optimise your productivity with our service.
As a management team, we find solutions to your problems. As we are a large community, we also have to deal with common problems like equipment breaking or human error. We, therefore, can’t promise that we’re immune to having problems ourselves. What we as the management team can promise is that we will promptly find a solution. So, you can rest assured that our competent team will handle any problems that arise.

Most of our VPAs live in Germany or Southern Europe

Some also further away, which is advantageous for early and late shifts

What our clients say about us

    It’s good to know that I’ve always got someone reliable to delegate tasks to that I don’t have time for. Working with my-vpa has already saved me so much time. I’m going to try delegating even more tasks in the future.

Simon StützelManaging Partner, Scholarbook GmbH