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Can I delegate tasks to my VPA outside of the my-vpa platform?

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No, you should always delegate tasks via the my-vpa app in your own interest. Of course, you can work on a task with your VPA outside the platform, but the task should be done with a corresponding work description (what should be done how, by when) within the my-vpa app.

Each task represents an individual contract, i.e. you delegate a task within the app, which your assistant accepts within the app. In the case of a complaint, if you do not reach a solution with your VPA, we can only use this task description as an arbitrator to bring about an adequate solution. Please note that if the task description has not been completely delegated in the app and then accordingly also not accepted by your VPA in the app, no or no complete individual contract will be concluded, which is why we cannot then advocate for an adequate solution.

Therefore, in your own interest, make sure that the task description (what should be done how, by when) has been delegated in the app and that you can thus enjoy all the benefits of our Managed VPA Service. Which advantages these are, you can see here.