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What does my-vpa mean?

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VPA stands for “Virtual Personal Assistant”. A VPA provides his/her customer with long-term on-call support for business and private tasks performed on the PC, telephone or Internet.

In other words, it is not about a one-off, but about long-term cooperation. The longer the customer and the VPA work together, the more effective the virtual assistance is, because the VPA gets to know the wishes, working methods and tasks of his customer. At the same time, the cooperation is characterized by the fact that the VPA is only assigned when needed. The customer does not have to worry about the workload of the VPA and costs are only incurred when work is actually being done. In addition, my-vpa customers can delegate tasks very easily via the task management app and control them via work log or billing.

By the way, VPAs originated in the USA in 1995 and have been gaining more and more popularity in German-speaking countries since 2009. For more info on the concept, see → Wikipedia.