Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How does the add on “Tandem VPA” work?

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For ongoing tasks, you have the option of being assigned two VPAs from the start. The two VPAs are trained to share the task (job sharing). This gives you the advantage that in case of absences such as vacation, illness or resignation, your task can be continued seamlessly, without effort and without loss of knowledge. Should one of the VPAs be absent for a longer period of time, we will assign a new VPA to you, who will be trained by the remaining VPA. This backup system has proven very successful with our existing customers. In addition, when booking the add-on “VPA Tandem”, you will not be charged any additional costs, except for the increased training effort (two VPAs are trained for your task at the same time).Bei laufenden Aufgaben haben Sie die Möglichkeit, von Beginn an zwei VPAs zu erhalten. Die beiden VPAs sind darauf geschult, sich die Aufgabe aufzuteilen (Jobsharing). 

How do I proceed if I want to book a “Tandem VPA”?

When registering or within your task, please indicate if you would like to book a tandem. If you subsequently post your associated task with us in the app, we ask for a short information in the task description that a tandem is desired for this task. We will then search for two suitable VPAs for you right away.