What is a VPA and what are the benefits for me?

VPA stands for “Virtual Personal Assistant”. VPAs support their customers by providing secretarial, concierge, office help and personal assistant services on demand on a long-term basis for business and private tasks that are carried out on the PC, phone or online. 

So, your VPA will always be the same person at my-vpa. Your assistant will get to know the way you work and the kind of tasks you deal with. All this makes for an effective collaboration. Your VPA is also highly trained and speaks your language. This enables you to delegate tasks efficiently. The best thing about my-vpa is that your VPA is available on demand via the my-vpa app. Whenever you need an extra pair of hands, you can quickly outsource a task to your VPA using the my-vpa app.

How do I delegate a task to my VPA?

Thanks to the my-vpa app, you can delegate tasks in an easy and structured manner using voice messages, text chat and documents. You also specify a time budget and a deadline. Done! The task will now appear in your task list. If you so wish, you can also create projects to which you can assign tasks. You always decide what will be worked on and for how long. If you’d prefer, you can also assign a task in a personal meeting. View demo

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Using our telephone callback service, you can have one of our VPAs contact your clients for you. You can direct your prospects to your VPA in the following ways:

  • Personal message on our telephone system with callback
  • Submitting contact data, e.g., via a contact form integrated on your website or social media presence
  • Via email and/or in a CRM

Your VPA will call back prospective customers and will aim to sell the products and/or services you offer, e.g., headhunting. Sales activities are charged at 1.8 times the hourly rate. You can integrate our callback service in the following 3 ways:

Option 1: Flexible shifts

With this option, the assistant will check all messages once a day at a flexible time and will call back prospective customers. The assistant will also record and document details from their conversations.

Option 2: Fixed shifts

With this option, you can schedule up to three fixed shifts per day. Fixed shifts must be at least one hour and can be cancelled up to two weeks before the date they are scheduled for. During this time, your assistant is available to return calls and take on other tasks.

Option 3: Full-time shifts

With this option, you have a team of assistants permanently at your disposal. The team will be available to receive calls from your customers from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. while continuously checking for any calls or messages that have been received and calling back. Please note: experience has shown that putting a callback service team together takes 4–6 weeks. If requested, you will receive a personalised offer which includes team management and project assistance.

Your VPA can assist you in five other task areas, if needed

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